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Cash For Cars & truck
Junk A Car OR Truck


   Golden Hawk Towing                                                           

Cash For Cars the victor valleys professional emergency towing and roadside assistance - For towing in 
Victor Valley California Call Our Dispatcher at (760)530-0777
We are Hiring drivers With Experience )

 Golden Hawk Towing/Private Property towing



 YOUR Parking Problems.....

we understand that providing adequate parking can be a difficult task.
Vehicle owners who disregard the rules can only add to your current parking problems. Improperly
parked and or abandoned vehicles can create an inconvenience to you and your residents.

All of the following parking problems can be avoided with one call.

  • Abandoned vehicles

    • Abandoned Vehicle/Junk Car Pick-up and
      Removal (Free Service)
  • Fire lane / Red zone offenders

  • Vehicles parked illegally in assigned or covered parking

  • Vehicles double parked

  • Blocked dumpsters

OUR Parking Solutions.....

Have us handle your private property towing and get the following at NO CHARGE!

  • Parking permits

  • Parking signs for the entire property including handicapped parking, Tenant Parking Only
    and Future Resident parking customized to your needs

  • Painting of red zones and fire lanes

  • Referral of security companies

  • E-mail digital photos of towed vehicles

  • Discounted service calls for your residents including Unlocks, Tows to repair stations and

  • Discounted taxi service to retrieve impounded vehicles

Advantages to using Cash For Cars ......

  • In the private property towing business for over 6 years.

  • Staff that understands your unique problems

  • Certified towing experts that remove vehicles DAMAGE FREE.

  • 24-7 customer service - Not an answering service you get a trained employee.

  • Lowest cost service provider in the area. Violators can expect to pay between 10-15%
    less that other companies in this area.

Contact us today to arrange your FREE consultation at 760-530-0777

   Private Property Towing